Scribed and cut lines on the Cricut

Up to now, when I’ve wanted some lines scribed and others cut, I’ve simply run the whole pattern on the Cricut with a lighter touch.  Then I have chased the scribed lines with a knife to cut them through.  It’s simple, but tedious.

Tonight, as I was cutting out the inside layer of the rear walls of the roundhouse, I noticed that they all have the same board cut instead of scribed.  It is a little too consistent to be a coincidence, and so, I conclude that it must be something in the original .svg.

Sadly that original file is gone due to the great computer debacle.  My suspicion is that the line must be doubled up in the file.  When the Cricut goes to cut, it cuts both versions, which results in a cut through instead of a scribe.  Okay, it’s not Teflon, but I think I can make use of this discovery.

4 thoughts on “Scribed and cut lines on the Cricut

  1. Rene
    Do you have some patterns you build for the circut that you may wish to share or in the alternative write a blog explaining how you build your patterns.

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