Roundhouse shed cut and coloured

The Cricut got quite a workout today.  Between soccer games and making dinners and lunches for the younger crowd, I had it going almost all day.  I actually cut out two copies of the roundhouse shed patterns as The Boy has asked for a set for his own use.

They look pretty good, if I do say so myself.  I am impressed that the battens mostly cut okay.  I lost only one completely when pulling out the waste area between battens; another broke, but is salvageable.

The design confirms my suspicion about mixing cuts of different depths.  To make it work, I created the initial design with semi-transparent lines.  This way, I could see the places where the lines were doubled up.  Then, when I flattened the drawing to upload to Cricut, I combined the two sets of lines into a single path (/Path/Combine in Inkscape).  This makes the doubled lines disappear on-screen in Inkscape, but the path still has all the lines, which is why I saved this step until flattening.  Then when I cut the part with a slightly lesser pressure – “Iron On” rather than “Cardstock” – the repeated lines cut through, while those that weren’t doubled were merely scored.

I followed the same process for colouring these parts as the main walls.  First I separated the boards, then I hit them with a layer of Yellow Ochre wash, mixed with a bit of Raw Sienna up near the eaves.  The battens are similar, but needn’t be separated.  Once the walls are assembled, I’ll tone them down with some grey and black.

Roundhouse shed


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