Even on Linux, I blame Microsoft…

I’ve been waiting for parts for the wheels for 622 for a couple of weeks now.  They are coming from Apogee Vapeur in Switzerland, and I suspect they have been held up in customs, while they decide if they’re dangerous or not.  Hopefully I don’t get hit with some huge brokerage charge when they finally do arrive – they were expensive enough as they were!

In the meantime, I thought I would get back to the roundhouse project.  Now, you may recall that my personal laptop no longer runs Windows, which means that in order to do any work with the Cricut, I have to go upstairs and borrow my wife’s laptop.  She’s pretty good about lending it, but the stairs are sooo steep.

On one of my more productive bicycle rides home last week, I wondered to myself if it might be possible to run Cricut Design Space under Wine, the Windows Emulator for Linux.  If it saved me a trip or two upstairs, it would be worth it.

On the weekend I gave it a try.  To be absolutely honest, I don’t recall everything that happened along the way, but after about fifteen suggestions that I upgrade to Ubuntu 16, I caved and clicked okay.

Without backing up.

Now, don’t get ahead of me.  The process took a donkey’s age, and the next morning I came down to find that it had hung on the T&Cs for Microsoft True Type fonts.   I couldn’t find any way to accept or decline whatever it was that Microsoft wanted me to accept, and I may have hit Ctrl-Alt-Del out of frustration.  Who knew that was like kicking out the plug?

Could it be that Microsoft had reached all the way into my new communal Linux world to deliver the blue screen of death?  No, it was worse: when the computer restarted, it couldn’t find its kernel.

Perhaps I could have repaired it, but in the end, the path of least resistance lead through  reinstalling Linux.  I still had the USB drive kicking around that I used the first time, and so, I stuck it in and gave it a try.  Nope, that crashed too.

Ultimately, I downloaded Ubuntu 16.04 and installed that.  I am now back up and running again, but for some reason I can’t get Chrome to work.  I haven’t tried Inkscape yet.

The long and the short of it is that far from making progress on the roundhouse, I in fact destroyed the files for the cutter!  Suddenly those stairs don’t look quite so steep.


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