Pasture Mockup

I sacrificed some brown paper bags, hot glue and an evening to see how the 3-dimensional elements of the pasture are going to work. Those brown paper bags were well-spent. The scene captures the spaciousness of rural Ontario delightfully. However, the real learning from the evening was around the edges: how should this scene relate to the things about it?

On the left, the roadway works well as access to the cattle pen, and the copse on the left transition easily to the property with the potato field. On the right, I’m confident the hill can progress to the Lee Manufacturing Company’s grounds. However, in the front, the stream is likely too robust to simply disappear into the ditch at right angles.

I have a feeling this is not going to go well for those paper bags.

3 thoughts on “Pasture Mockup

  1. Looks cool. I wouldn’t worry too much about the view “from above” on your layout. Not many people can see at that angle.

  2. The mock ups are really helping visualize this scene. Couple of observations from the cheap seats:
    – is the forced perspective doing something to the scale of the creek? Remembering Barbara A White’s photo, I might persuade you to bet that I could jump the real creek without getting wet. Just comparing with the width of the flat car decks . . . I’d need quite the running launch to have a chance.
    – I’m wondering how it might look if the barns were scaled down to 2/3rds their current size? And nestled a little lower into the land form so the dark tree line in the photo fills in more of the horizon? I realize that pushes it all further away. But the further away the barns, the more distance into which the land forms “out there” can transition to the layout building site of Lee Manufacturing Co . . . .
    – dealing with the creek running into the r.o.w., I can imagine the Canada Atlantic running one of those wood stave culverts under the track. Would like to see you model that! Can also imagine a never ending battle with beavers wanting to make a pond there . . . .


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