Sharing progress on 622

The Railway Modellers’ Meet has been under way since the beginning of the month. Since that first Saturday, we’ve met every Thursday for more clinics, virtual layout tours and our famous Meet the Modeller sessions. I had hoped to have 622 ready for Meet the Modeller last year, and alas, it is not even complete for this year! There are still a few details missing, and one part that came off and needs to be replaced. Props to the commenter who can spot the most esoteric missing detail.

Being as the Railway Modellers’ Meet has gone virtual, submitting a model these days is a matter of taking some photos and sending them in to Rob Kirkham, who does a wonderful job of interviewing all the modellers about their creations. Since I will be sharing those photos there, I thought I might as well share here as well.

Sharing our work through the display or contest is an easy way to engage with a meet. It’s certainly less work than putting on a clinic or hosting a layout tour. Yet it has the same effect of making you a full participant, rather than a consumer. That in turn opens the doors to conversations, acquaintances and long-term friendships. If you have an opportunity to attend a meet, I encourage you to bring something to display: you won’t regret it.

12 thoughts on “Sharing progress on 622

      1. Are you still going to make a set of ten wheelers or is this it for power for a while?

      2. I’m going to make a couple more eight wheelers. I’d also like to try a mogul. The ten wheelers were too big fo Pembroke’s turntable. I won’t need one unless I model the mainline one day.

  1. She’s a beauty Rene! All that patient work created a magnificent piece of engineering. It’s so lovely to see in color that classic Canadian (GTR, CAR, etc.) white lining scheme on a turn of the century locomotive.

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