And now we are three!

One of the great joys of blogging is that occasionally a kindred spirit stumbles across your site and reaches out. In my case, these take the form of other modellers working on the Canada Atlantic Railway, or those working in Proto:87.

Richard Guitar was the first to share some photos of his O-Gauge CAR layout back in October 2018. I was delighted to finally learn I was not the only Canada Atlantic Railway modeller in the world, even though we could still hold a convention in a broom closet. Now Peter Paton has stumbled across this site and reached out as well. We may have to move that convention into something a little bigger – perhaps a roomy wardrobe or something.

Peter has been modelling the CA for about ten years, but moved three years ago and started a new layout, on which he has made impressive progress. His focus is on the Middle Division from Ottawa to Madawaska in 1895-1899. It looks to be HO scale. I especially like his boxcar and caboose; the trees are very nice too.

6 thoughts on “And now we are three!

    1. I’m sure they’re out there; maybe they will emerge next year. I’ve always thought the Eastern Division would be interesting with the competitive departures of the CAR and CPR expresses within a few minutes of one another. Plus all the crossings and interchanges would make for interesting freight operations.

    1. Pretty hard to imagine with so little freight even getting to Ottawa. I think the Canadian Northern and CP lines were more direct for getting to the Eastern seaboard (or at least as far as Montreal) and even those don’t get much freight. So it wouldn’t have been much of a bridge route. Maybe as an independent regional carrier it would have stood a chance?

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