Towards an audacious goal

The Railway Modellers’ Meet is coming up in less than two months. I’m actually the chair of the organizing committee, and I should know better than to set myself modelling goals before the meet. Especially if I am also delivering a 2-hour hands-on tutorial on 3D CAD.

However, I’m going to put it in writing here, because goals have more power if you write them down. At the meet, I would like to display 622 as a recognizable as a locomotive. It doesn’t have to be running or detailed, but the parts should hang together so someone could say, “oh, yes, I see what he’s doing here.”

There are something like seven weeks to go, and it’s going to be tight! Here is the aspirational schedule:

Updated March 31
March 3-9Cut spokes, install half-axlesComplete March 10
March 10-16Finish casting spokes, machine crank pinsSpokes completed March 16th
Crank pins not started
March 17-23Install crank pins, machine bearingsBearings complete March 27
March 24-30Assemble drivers
March 31-April 6Assemble pilot truck
April 7-13Assemble frame and connecting rodsConnecting rods complete March 17
April 14-20Assemble running boards and boiler weights
April 21-27Assemble cab

Well, it will be a super meet regardless of whether I have anything to show or not. You should definitely come. All the details are on our website.


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