622 parts arriving

I arrived home to find a package from Shapeways sitting on the console table in the hall. This is always an exciting moment, so I quickly opened it up to see what the 3D printers had wrought.

The boiler weight, truck flexure and ash pan were inside. These are the parts, along with the etching, required to get the locomotive running. They all look fine, although part of the brake hanger had broken from the ash pan . I had expected to have to re-print this, but will also have to beef it up to survive shipping.

4 thoughts on “622 parts arriving

  1. Hey, So I’ve been having a hard time finding some Nickel Silver round bar stock 1 inch to 1.5 inch diameter. Do you know of somewhere I can get some? I’m building a custom Proto 87 SP GS-3 4-8-4 from the ground up using 3d printed castings and brass sheet.

    Logan Thurman

    1. I was looking for the same this week as I thought I would have to come up with new drivers. I found there are some knife supply businesses that stock NS bar up to 1”. I didn’t see anything in the 1.5” range.

      This was actually the reason I went with steel for my wheels as when I was looking I couldn’t even find the 1” NS bar.

      Good luck with your project! Will you be sharing it anywhere?

      1. Yes Actually, I’ll be doing a how to cast and machine Boxpok Drivers for Proto 87.

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