Dispensing cut-off oil

When I started cutting steel with my lathe, I used a brush full of oil to lubricate the part. By the end of that first encounter, I was covered in so much oil I was almost drafted for Turkish wrestling. My T-shirt was ruined.

Over time, I found that for cutting and facing operations, a drop of oil on the tool itself was all I needed, and I already had a bottle of oil with a steel tube for getting that there. However, the tube was too big to get into the slot left by the parting tool, and so, I had reverted to a brush, and considered nudity when I wanted to free the part from its handle.

As I was parting wheel number 6, reaching the limit of the reach of my brush into the slot, I remembered that I used to use a bottle from A-West (or was it A-Line, I can’t remember but Flex-i-file makes a similar product) for solvent-type glues. This bottle has a syringe-like tube for applying tiny drops of solvent.

It was, miraculously, right where I thought it would be. So I filled it up with cutting oil and to my delight, I found that it yields a tiny droplet right into the slot left by the tool! No more splatter, and my Turkish wrestling record remains a perfect 0-0-0.

The special cut-off bottle on the left, and the regular one, 
the provenance of which I don’t recall, on the right.

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