About this Blog

My kids are especially curious why I would voluntarily write anything. I mean, it looks a lot like homework! Everyone knows that homework isn’t fun.

Well, kids, not everything in life needs to be fun to be worthwhile. I get an enormous amount of benefits from maintaining my blog. Maybe if I write them down, you will start keeping your own blog of your endeavors.

First of all, this is a record of what I did, and I actually do refer back to postings from time to time to see how I achieved a particular effect or resolved a problem.

Secondly, I gain energy and motivation any time someone reads or comments on my blog. This helps me maintain momentum, even when things are not going my way (which seems to be most of the time).

I also use my blogging points as a time to clean up the work bench. If I haven’t posted for a while, chances are, a mess is building up here!

Finally, I’m always hopeful that someone will read one of my postings and offer suggestions or feedback. Maybe one of my readers even has some prototype information that could help me?