Small reward, big effort

For weeks, I’ve been avoiding the big pile of boxes that the restoration vapers left in the basement in front of the layout. My darling wife, understanding that neither they nor she would put everything back where it belongs, instructed them to leave the boxes. Of course, unpacking boxes takes little effort. Running the cables and reinstalling all the tech on my two desks, on … Continue reading Small reward, big effort

Awesome gift under the tree

Doesn’t everyone prefer homemade gifts? This year the kids teamed up to create enough Mark II Stock Keepers to keep me quiet for a while. Mark II and Mark III (fewer staples but more labour) both enable me to reach small pieces easier than the original Mark I version, pictured here. The Girl even decorated the Stock Keepers with holiday-themed drawings, and a poem. Stock is awesomeStock … Continue reading Awesome gift under the tree