Dave Booth is a demon with a jewellers’ saw

Tonight I cut some spokes in one of my test wheels.  I was most interested to see if the wheel gets floppy if you take away most of the material in the centre to replace it with plastic.  It doesn’t. But I tell you what: fretting out the spokes is hard work!  On this small wheel, it’s nearly impossible to get anything into the holes … Continue reading Dave Booth is a demon with a jewellers’ saw

So Long Ed

Last week, I heard that Ed McCamey passed away, and I confess that it rather took the wind out of my sails. Ed was one of the first Proto:87 contacts I made, way back in 1994.  He sat behind me at Jim Harper’s clinic on detailing track; when the discussion turned from 1:48 scale to 1:87, he distinguished himself with his knowledge and his outrageous … Continue reading So Long Ed