Demonstration modelling

I️ didn’t plan very well for this weekend’s Vancouver Train Expo, and consequently, I️ didn’t have a formal scheduled slot in the Craftsman’s Corner. There were, however, two chairs and usually only one occupant. Doug Hicks had brought plenty of light, and I’d thrown the flat cars, a few tools and bits of styrene in my pack, and so, I️ spent several hours over the … Continue reading Demonstration modelling

Trains 2014, Burnaby November 7-9

I just uploaded my slides to slideshare for my clinic at this weekend’s train show. It is a progress report on the layout, and so, I’m going to share it here as well. I’m presenting on Sunday at 11:30, opposite Mark Dance, who is certainly going to be more interesting and probably more entertaining. I’d go to that one if I could, but I’m going … Continue reading Trains 2014, Burnaby November 7-9