Lessons from art school

Earlier this week, Dave Eggleston posted some of his notes from his classes with Charles Emerson.  It’s a super list of attributes that make a painting good, and I wondered if we can apply any of these same lessons to elevate our model railways and railway models. A good painting is logical and consistent across canvas and convincing (statisfying/moving). Model railways certainly benefit from consistency … Continue reading Lessons from art school

Closing in on wheel castings

Thanks to Brian Pate, and to Don Mitchell who suggested I call him, I’ve started vacuuming my castings when I pour them.  Brian indicated that he liked to vacuum before and after pouring, but I’ve found the pre-pour treatment makes little difference.  The post-pour treatment, on the other hand, dislodges all sorts of bubbles from the deep recesses of my molds. The resin is Smooth-Cast … Continue reading Closing in on wheel castings

Feedwater power connection resolved

It took three tries, and there is still room for improvement, but I did manage to reconnect the tender electrically to the engine. Essentially, I made a very small connector, and soldered it to the end of the wire, then replaced the old wire completely.  The small connector is a piece of brass rod about .75 mm in diameter and length with a #68 hole … Continue reading Feedwater power connection resolved

New throttle for Pembroke

Thanks to my friend, Brian Pate, who recently decommissioned his fabulous Klondike Mines Railway, I found myself in possession of a CVP ALR900 radio receiver and a clutch of T5000 throttles.   Having only one engine in steam, I passed most of the throttles over to another friend, Scott Calvert, and kept only one. It has sat since October awaiting the completion of the turntable so … Continue reading New throttle for Pembroke

Learning from a Master – Brian Pate’s KMR

Brian Pate is a master model railroader. Surprisingly he doesn’t have the designation from the NMRA, but nobody who knows him would argue that he is otherwise. I believe he is perhaps the only person to have won the gold award at two national NMRA conventions. So, when we learned that he and his wife had decided it was time to leave their home in … Continue reading Learning from a Master – Brian Pate’s KMR