Virtual dry fit for 622

In typical Panglossian fashion today, I uploaded the STL file for 622’s plastic parts to Shapeways.  I might have hit the big “Print” button, if the bounding box hadn’t precluded the use of their highest resolution machine. It’s a good thing I didn’t because the pause gave me an opportunity to assemble all the parts in OnShape. There I found that the gearbox was going … Continue reading Virtual dry fit for 622

All the parts that are fit to print

I’m just about ready to upload all the printed parts to Shapeways.  To support some of the more delicate parts for printing, and more importantly for shipping, I added some sprues.  I actually started out making a sprue for all the parts, but then I re-read the pricing guidelines for Shapeways and concluded that this was unnecessary. Sadly, my computer decided it wasn’t going to … Continue reading All the parts that are fit to print

Infographic for Railway Modellers’ Meet

This weekend is the third annual Railway Modellers’ Meet up at Simon Fraser University.  I always like to bring something to display, but this year, most everything is buried in Mt Flood.  So, apart from a whole lot of computer drawings, all I have are the two proofs of concept for the frame. In other words – something that could easily get swept onto the … Continue reading Infographic for Railway Modellers’ Meet