Wall thickness experiments

I have optimistically put the 3D printer away so I could convert the heavy shop into a paint booth. It’s time to write up my findings as I’ve been exploring the boundaries of this new tool. In particular, I want to figure out how I can make thin-walled boxes like hopper cars. Starting with the […]

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Mars Accuracy

I’ve noticed that the prints on my own 3D printer are snug compared to the same parts printed by Shapeways. Indeed, the sand dome and the ash pan wanted a little scraping where they connect with other parts. So, I made a 2 cm test cube to see what I could learn about the accuracy. […]

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Sand dome for 622

It turns out that one of the benefits of having your own 3D printer is that you can afford to experiment a little bit. If a part doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, you can modify the drawing, export it, and try again. There is no 10-day wait, no shipping charges and […]

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Mars sees its first action

For Father’s Day this year, my darling wife bought me an Elegoo Mars 3D printer. Well, summer being what it is, it has taken me a while to get it out of the box, but now that it is in action, I must say I am truly impressed. Now, I will confess that I have […]

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Happy Father’s Day to Me!

For years I told people I would rather use Shapeways than get my own 3D printer. The technology was changing too rapidly, and I didn’t want the resin in my home. However, the newer resin printers are producing such excellent results, and the cost of shipping from Shapeways is getting so userous, that I finally […]

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Cat TV

My friend, colleague and fellow creator, Mitch, bought a LulzBot 3D printer last week. I believe I’ve agreed to buy a share of it, and now might be the time.

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