Prepped to prep

The flat cars have taken a little hiatus while I figured out the best way to make paint stick to the plastic parts. My usual method is to give plastic models a good scrubbing with Vim under running warm water. But with parts made of wood and even paper, that method was going to lead […]

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Bubbly bolster

The wheel plan for 622 requires perfect castings. Unfortunately, every attempt so far using my test molds has resulted in large bubbles. These bubbles are not there when I pour the resin, but seem to be forming during the curing process. According to the Smooth-on website, this could be due to humidity, and I should […]

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Solvent fail

I should have known I was in trouble when the Tamiya cement so reluctantly entered the syringe. But, my trusty MEK Pak has finally breathed out the last of whatever makes it work, and so, I was stuck (so to speak). So I went ahead and made that test mould with Tamiya Cement. Plainly this […]

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Six holes of triumph

It’s midnight, and I’m having a little celebration over having drilled six holes in the flatcars. Ordinarily, drilling a few clearance holes through the weights wouldn’t be cause for a happy dance. However, it feels so long since I overcame the calls of work, family and community to spend a little time on my projects, […]

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Demonstration modelling

I️ didn’t plan very well for this weekend’s Vancouver Train Expo, and consequently, I️ didn’t have a formal scheduled slot in the Craftsman’s Corner. There were, however, two chairs and usually only one occupant. Doug Hicks had brought plenty of light, and I’d thrown the flat cars, a few tools and bits of styrene in […]

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Flat car ends finished

Please excuse the dreadful iPhone photo.  It’s been one of those nights.  One of those nights when I should have just stayed upstairs. As expected, I wound up shaving off the outer-most nut bolt washer (NBW) castings so I could centre them relative to the side sills.  This also made it easier to add the […]

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Integral weights for flat cars

Okay, so the approach of welding the sides to the ends didn’t work so well.  The weights themselves pose a much larger gluing surface, however, and so, I made them integral to the cars. To do this, I first coloured up some paper to look like the bottoms of the deck boards, and spray-glued it […]

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Flat cars teach a Lean lesson

The Toyota Production System — Lean Manufacturing here in North America — will tell you that batch-building is bonkers.  Lean suggests that we should limit work in progress, and build things one at a time.  By building in batches, we build batches of blunders. Maybe they’re right.  As I started assembling the flat car sides […]

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