Split-frame tender design

When I built number 10, I included a detailed underframe, complete with boards and the stringers.  You can’t see it, and frankly, the tender frame is a bit of a weak spot.  Not only that, but I didn’t think about how to get current from the trucks to the decoder until very late in the […]

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The book on #10

In light of recent posts about #10, it’s a bit ironic that the book has finally become available through Model Railroad Hobbyist.  It’s been in the works for something like 18 months now.  Despite my decision that I really need to go back and rebuild the chassis, there is still plenty to learn from this […]

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Cutting my losses on #10

Happy Easter!  What is the AAR-approved method for tying giant Easter eggs down anyway? You’ll note in the cover photo that I still haven’t put #10’s tender back together.  After the recent Battle of Pembroke Hill, I drove this little train into town.  To say it was a success would be overstating matters significantly. Despite […]

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Tuning an ESU LokSound Decoder

An unanticipated consequence of replacing #10’s decoder was that performance would degrade.  It says right on the box that your locomotive needs to work flawlessly before you go installing decoders, but still, a certain amount of back EMF compensation is known to smooth out the occasional foible. The old Zimo decoder worked fantastic right out […]

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Debugging #10

It seems to be two steps forward, one step back on #10.  No sooner had I fixed the quartering issue that had popped up, than I discovered that the engine truck weight was dragging and catching on guard rails. After I resolved that, I triumphantly placed the engine on the track.  Where it sat.  Silently.  […]

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In situ quartering tool

I mentioned earlier that #10 was operating with a bit of a limp due to an out of quarter driver.  As it takes about 30-45 minutes to disassemble or reassemble the locomotive, and every time I risk breaking something or knocking paint off, I thought I’d have a go at quartering the driver without disassembling […]

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Weighty matters for #10

It’s been a couple of quiet weeks here from a railroading perspective.  We have had a ton of meetings with the community association that have kept me very busy.  Still, I have managed to scrape out a few minutes here and there to tackle the weights for #10. I think I’m pretty much there, although […]

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