Using OnShape to create etching patterns in InkScape

I’ve been experimenting with OnShape sheet metal models to produce patterns for etching parts.  Being designed for ordinary bending processes, OnShape is not directly applicable, but I think it is close enough for my purposes. Here are the sheet metal model parameters that I have found work in OnShape to produce drawings that match the recommendations for etching. Thickness = material thickness Bend radius .0004″ … Continue reading Using OnShape to create etching patterns in InkScape

OnShape and etched fold lines

Due to flooding, progress on real modelling has halted, and I’ve had to move into the virtual realm.  This is okay, as there is loads of drawing work yet to do on 622. I speculated a couple of months ago that some careful manipulation of OnShape’s new Sheet Metal Model feature might yield a good pattern for etching.  Tonight, armed with an excellent resource on design … Continue reading OnShape and etched fold lines

Learning to lathe – progress report

A while back, I posted my plan for learning to use my new lathe. I’m now about four and a half hours into the practice part of learning. I’ve produced a bucket-full of swarf. At this point, I can confidently turn to a diameter and get a reasonable finish on a part. I’ve managed to stop welding aluminum to the top of the tool, and … Continue reading Learning to lathe – progress report

OnShape Sheet Metal Models

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a new feature in OnShape: Sheet Metal Models.  It almost sucked me into a rabbit hole, but my objective was drawing a driver, not experimenting with cool new features.  So, I parked it until this evening, which I seem to be spending babysitting the Cricut as it makes Christmas crafts for The Girl. With a little experimentation this … Continue reading OnShape Sheet Metal Models