Brakes Re-revisited (again)

I’ve lost track: this may be the fourth time I’ve designed 622’s brakes. But this time, I have real data to go upon, rather than just conjecture. In 2018, we discovered that the Prairie Dog Central’s #3 has the same pattern of brakes, and despite being out of storage and battery, I did manage to […]

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HO steampunk bead

My first design for the cylinders made the end caps too thick. Six inches felt good at the time, but when I finally dropped a cylinder to the Assembly view in OnShape, I found the steam chest would overlap the end caps. Sadly, I saved that little virtual test until after I had finished the […]

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IPMS Vancouver Fall Show

The local chapter of the International Plastic Modelers Society held their big show on Thanksgiving Saturday, as they apparently have every year. I had never been to one of their events before, and finding myself in the unusual possession of not only a couple of hours of free time but also the knowledge that the […]

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We are just returning from a trip to England and France. As I was the chief planner and driver, it is perhaps surprising that there weren’t more railway visits along the road. Sadly, every such suggestion is met with universal eye rolling resistance. I did, however manage to “stumble upon” le Chemin de fer de […]

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Roundhouse doors cut

I warmed up the Cricut for a little workout this evening, cutting out the doors for the roundhouse. The blade is not super-sharp, and two passes didn’t reliably cut through the 3-ply Strathmore on the “Iron On” setting. No matter, it was a few minutes’ work to chase all the cuts with an Olfa knife, […]

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Roundhouse walls mostly done

Today, I coated the backs and edges of the wall sections with Weldbond, and left them under some weights to dry. This was an improvement over the test wall section because I could then cut out the windows without having to worry about the mullions beneath. As you can see from this terribly cruel photo, […]

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