A Peculiar layout?

The kids and I have been reading a wonderful pair of books by Stefan Bachmann. The Peculiar and The Whatnot are set in a version of Victorian England on the cusp of war with faeries from an alternate world.  It’s an evocative steam punk vision of technology diverted from steam-power to magical-power.  A grimy, gritty world of “mechanicalchemy” and strange inventions.  It is also a … Continue reading A Peculiar layout?

Thoughts on the Staging Turntable

A turntable at the end of the staging yard will enable me to simulate the action of the Y at Golden Lake.  The mixed train will break apart there, replacing outbound with inbound cars, and the engine will turn, before coming “back up the branch.”  We will have to fiddle or switch the daily passenger to Ottawa so the cars are in the right order, … Continue reading Thoughts on the Staging Turntable

Pembroke:87.1 – A Stretch Too Far

The deadline for accepting the invitation to RAMMA next year is coming up at the end of October. So, I spent the weekend researching the travel, and thinking about all the other commitments we have in the year ahead. Finally, I decided that 2015 is not the year for us to travel to Europe. I may still build a Pembroke-based display layout. I like the … Continue reading Pembroke:87.1 – A Stretch Too Far

Thoughts on Shipping

The RAMMA thought experiment continues.  If I were to construct a micro-layout for the show in Sedan next fall, how would I get it there safely?  The Rexroth option, while interesting, sounds awfully expensive to me.  Also, I would still need something on the sides to protect the layout. Then, looking at some other foamcore-based layouts, I thought it might be best if the layout … Continue reading Thoughts on Shipping

More thoughts on Pembroke:87.1

Will I build Pembroke:87.1?  The jury’s still out.  However, I’ve been having fun thinking about the project.  So, here I will jot down some of my thoughts. I don’t want the display layout to distract me too much from the main layout.  That means it must use minimal resources in terms of both time and money.  Any project manager will tell you that this means … Continue reading More thoughts on Pembroke:87.1