You could be a Model RR God!

I’m here at the Railway Modellers’ Meet, babysitting the display room, which was unlocked unspeakably early due to reasons lost to history.  As with any good model railway convention, I’m running on fumes due to the sprint to complete my display and the activities of the meet itself.  Being the meet chairman, I’ve necessarily missed much of the meet due to trying to resolve the … Continue reading You could be a Model RR God!

What will you bring?

Early in my railway modelling life, I was fortunate to be encouraged to join the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders (OVAR).  Monthly through the long frigid Ottawa winters, this club met for dinner in the Nepean Sportsplex, right next to my high school.  They’re still going strong after 56 years. As well as a speaker, OVAR also has a monthly display of models – each month … Continue reading What will you bring?

Prime railroading time

Last night was our neighbourhood’s annual Progressive Party.  Yeah, I did wonder just what kind of neighbourhood we’d moved into when we got the invitation shortly after moving in 14 years ago.  It turns out, there is no Ice Storm key swapping on the street as far as I’m aware, but rather it’s a pot luck that migrates from house to house. My wife said … Continue reading Prime railroading time

Don’t settle for good, go for better

Sometimes, inspiration comes from the strangest places.  The Boy brought home a book from the library called “Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy,” Vesa Lehtimäki’s inspiring collection of photographs of Lego Star Wars. You should treat yourself to a look at his Flickr stream to get an idea of the work. Last night, during teeth-brushing, I got drawn right in to the book.  It offers an often intimate look at … Continue reading Don’t settle for good, go for better

Would you tour this layout?

One of the ways that I lose hobby time is by helping to organize the Railway Modellers’ Meet of British Columbia.  This is the local NMRA divisional meet, and consists of all the same things as a regional or national meet, but on a smaller scale, and dare I say a higher quality. This year, the self-guided layout tour will be coming to North Vancouver, … Continue reading Would you tour this layout?