Model railroading will save the world!

In Mark’s response to my post earlier this week about the Importance of Model Railroading, he pointed out that the hobby is also beneficial in developing the skills that we need to tackle the world’s hard problems.  Several local tech innovators got their starts in model railroading, and Mark is fond of pointing out that the original hackers came from the MIT Tech Model Railroad … Continue reading Model railroading will save the world!

The Importance of Model Railroading

You might be surprised to learn how much energy I put into model railroading.  Between my own models, friends’ layouts, ops sessions and the Railway Modellers’ Meet, I estimate that I expend over 10 hours a week on the hobby.  Sometimes it troubles me that I spend so much of my energy on something so parochial.  Maybe I should be applying my talents to some … Continue reading The Importance of Model Railroading

You could be a Model RR God!

I’m here at the Railway Modellers’ Meet, babysitting the display room, which was unlocked unspeakably early due to reasons lost to history.  As with any good model railway convention, I’m running on fumes due to the sprint to complete my display and the activities of the meet itself.  Being the meet chairman, I’ve necessarily missed much of the meet due to trying to resolve the … Continue reading You could be a Model RR God!

What will you bring?

Early in my railway modelling life, I was fortunate to be encouraged to join the Ottawa Valley Associated Railroaders (OVAR).  Monthly through the long frigid Ottawa winters, this club met for dinner in the Nepean Sportsplex, right next to my high school.  They’re still going strong after 56 years. As well as a speaker, OVAR also has a monthly display of models – each month … Continue reading What will you bring?