Demonstration modelling

I️ didn’t plan very well for this weekend’s Vancouver Train Expo, and consequently, I️ didn’t have a formal scheduled slot in the Craftsman’s Corner. There were, however, two chairs and usually only one occupant. Doug Hicks had brought plenty of light, and I’d thrown the flat cars, a few tools and bits of styrene in my pack, and so, I️ spent several hours over the … Continue reading Demonstration modelling

Model railroading will save the world!

In Mark’s response to my post earlier this week about the Importance of Model Railroading, he pointed out that the hobby is also beneficial in developing the skills that we need to tackle the world’s hard problems.  Several local tech innovators got their starts in model railroading, and Mark is fond of pointing out that the original hackers came from the MIT Tech Model Railroad … Continue reading Model railroading will save the world!