The Mary Street bridge disaster

For years, foamcore mockup buildings have helped tell the story of Pembroke; even though they’re plain white, lay visitors can immediately understand that this is a model of a town, and begin to appreciate what I’m aiming for. I’ve used them to understand and modify massing and composition, which should help to avoid waste down […]


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Lowering the carriage factory

Rob Kirkham suggested getting a boxcar into the scene to compare with the carriage factory. The cars in the prototype photo look like 36 footers, and I don’t have any that large. I did have a 34′ V&PL car at hand, and dropping it into the scene, we can see that the 80′ factory is […]

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Balancing the carriage factory

The temporary massing models have lasted much longer than I expected, and I’ve always felt the carriage factory was too small and the station looked too tall. So, with a little spare time and foam core, I built a new carriage factory, and with my knife I lopped off four feet from the bottom of […]

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A little mock rhythm

A few weeks ago, as I was contemplating the composition of Pembroke, I noted that I want to pull the viewer through the space between the Pembroke Milling Company and the CA freight shed. The existing mockups had their roof ridges parallel to the backdrop to simplify hiding the join with the backdrop. However, in […]

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Racing to finish the roundhouse 

After three evenings of concentrated effort, the roundhouse is nearing completion. I didn’t quite finish everything on the list, but I still should have one more day before I have to go to Toronto. Also, there is always the prospect of working into the wee hours on Saturday before the meet. It wouldn’t be the […]

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Four days left

It turns out that due to my mum’s visit and an impending business trip to Hogtown next week, I only have four evenings left until the Railway Modellers’ Meet! There is definitely more than four days’ worth of work left in the roundhouse at my usual rate, and so, I need to get hyper-efficient. I took […]

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Roundhouse mullions

The window pattern for this roundhouse came from a drawing for the roundhouse at Barry’s Bay.  Each of the three windows has six large sections, each of nine panes, making 172 panes in all.  That’s a lot of careful cutting, but trivial for the Cricut! I don’t know why I’d been putting it off, but […]

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Roundhouse retrospective

Are models ever really finished?  Maybe some are, but mine seem to get just finished enough.  That’s the roundhouse now: I could continue to fuss with it, but I think it’s time to move on. To tell the truth, I didn’t really intend to build a roundhouse!  I’m supposed to be building 622, but I promised […]

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Roundhouse trim out of order

As I was posting the photos of the smoke jacks the other day, I noticed that I had not yet completed the trim on the corners. Shucks! I had left this off until the front wall was done, and then I left it off until the rafters had stabilized the purlins, and then I got […]

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