The madness of Chester Machniewski 

What an enormous pleasure it was to meet Chester Machniewski today!  Here is a man whose welcome and smile were eclipsed only by his fanaticism for model trains. Lots of people have passions, but few take them to Chester’s affectation.  As far as I could tell, he does nothing on a small scale.  Need a large mill in 7mm scale?  Build one big enough for … Continue reading The madness of Chester Machniewski 

Operations ideas from BC Hydro

My friend, Colin Dover, intimated to me last night that he builds layouts purely so he can have a place to switch.  A couple of years ago, he tore out his representation of Vancouver Waterfront to build his “much simpler” Central Park line of BC Hydro. I put “much simpler” in quotes because, well, it is not a simple layout by my reckoning.  There are … Continue reading Operations ideas from BC Hydro

Cade’s Green

As guest editor for Model Railway Journal No. 250, Iain Rice profiled his own home layout, Cade’s Green.  Now, Iain’s is one of the few voices that somehow avoids the stultifying muffle of the American press, even when writing for Kalmbach. So, left to his own devices, his feature article absolutely sings with his rich moustachioed tone. Some readers will need an interpreter.  It’s an … Continue reading Cade’s Green