Flood update: but of course it’s under a stud!

As we don’t want another flood, the Boy and I spent more than an hour getting at the offending floor drain today.  Naturally, it is under a stud (supporting an electrical outlet), and so, it wasn’t a simple matter to get at it. The hole is simply straight through the concrete, 3 1/2 inches in diameter.   Rona and Home Depot were no help whatsoever in … Continue reading Flood update: but of course it’s under a stud!

Flood update: cabinets removed

Over the past couple of days, OnSide has made further progress toward remediating the flood.  The cabinets were removed on Monday afternoon, and heaped in the middle of the floor.  Most of them were moved to a warehouse yesterday, except the big one, which doesn’t fit up the stairs.  The movers protected it and fixed it to a trolley so the flooring people can move … Continue reading Flood update: cabinets removed

Update on the Flood

The waters have subsided, and we have three fridge-sized dehumidifiers running 24/7 in the basement.  My emotions have also subsided – there is nothing quite like three evenings of digging holes in the glacial til to promote philosophy. The insurance adjuster hasn’t yet decided if they will cover the losses – it comes down to a question of flood or seepage.  Honestly, they should have … Continue reading Update on the Flood

Batten the hatches!

We’re back in birthday party season chez Gourley.  Both kids are having sleepovers in the train room.  I’d wager that Nerf war and pillow fights are something that most finescale layouts don’t have to contend with. With the roundhouse in the line of fire, I thought it best to get a little protection up. Fortunately most of the models on the layout are still robust … Continue reading Batten the hatches!

No plans for expansion here!

My mum is coming to visit tomorrow, and that means that I’ve spent more than the usual proportion of time on finishing up household projects especially in the railroad room cum office cum guest room*. The cabinets along the back wall of the room were among those projects, and I’m rather pleased with how they’ve turned out.    The bulk of the cabinets were from … Continue reading No plans for expansion here!