Lighting test

With all the working from home, not to mention additional TV time in the space that Pembroke shares with other family activities, I decided I would add some lights into the sub-layout cubby that passes for an office and photo booth. I had to pick up some other items at Rona and found a set […]

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Fascia improvements

Isn’t it amazing how we can become accustomed to life’s minor imperfections? That door that you have to slam a little, the mole just out of view on the bridge of your nose, winter no matter where you live, traffic also no matter where you live. Some of them you can’t change, but some of […]

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Drywall removal

Well, here we are, drying out the basement again. This time we chose to do some of the demolition ourselves. The contents were all out on Friday thanks to Laura and the kids (The Girl had a Pro-D day, and The Boy had been up in the middle of the night shifting boxes and furniture, […]

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Not again!

Why are those balloons floating just off the floor like that? Remember the flood we had in January? Well, we thought we had fixed it all and capped off the floor drain. Tonight’s heavy rain has come in through the basement door instead. Because we discovered it at ten o’clock, we have really struggled to […]

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Photo studio gets a makeover

There is a silver lining when your basement gets flooded: you get to put everything back a little bit better. In the case of the photo studio, which resides behind the monitor in my home office under the layout, I had never liked having to move the monitor out of the way. First of all, […]

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Flood update – Game On!

Wow, construction sure goes a lot faster when teams of professionals show up and work all day, rather than a lone amateur burning the midnight oil! Today, all the cabinets in the train room were reinstalled. So, this weekend we can excavate Mt Flood and get some tools out. As we say in street hockey: […]

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Update on the Flood

I was overwhelmed by the number of people curious about the state of our basement recovery at the Railway Modellers Meet last weekend. Today we made some serious progress, when Matt, the conscientious floor installer put most of the subfloor down. Like every other worker who has come to our rescue, Matt took one look […]

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Excavating Mt Flood

There is not much more of this virtual modelling I can stand before I need to get physical again!  What’s more, there are some parts of 622 that need to integrate with commercial parts. So tonight I took to the garage, knife and tape in hand, to dig through the pile of boxes  that I […]

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Flood update: cabinets removed

Over the past couple of days, OnSide has made further progress toward remediating the flood.  The cabinets were removed on Monday afternoon, and heaped in the middle of the floor.  Most of them were moved to a warehouse yesterday, except the big one, which doesn’t fit up the stairs.  The movers protected it and fixed […]

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