Canada Atlantic Simulator

Last weekend, the kids and I had an opportunity to ride the Prairie Dog Central, near Winnipeg. This superb tourist operation is home to Canada’s oldest locomotive, an 1882 4-4-0.  That in itself is remarkable, but the PDC has gone a step further in assembling an authentic early 20th Century train to go with it. […]


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Del Rosamond’s Photos

I would have to go through my notes to see just when I met Del Rosamond.  It was in ’96 or ’97, I think.  I called him up out of the blue from the Champlain Trail Museum, where I had been doing research, and they had given me his name.  “Sure, come on over,” he […]

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Field Trip to Pembroke

Yesterday, I made the trip from Ottawa up to Pembroke to capture some measurements I didn’t get the last time I was there. The whole family (including my sister and her daughters) came for a trip to the Bonnechere Caves, which was a pretty cool cave system, guided by a theatrical and informative local boy, […]

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Another Layout Blog

Well, here it is: another blog about someone constructing a layout(1). Why should you care?  Maybe you are a friend, or perhaps you are my mother.  However, if I am lucky, you are not yet a friend or relation, and you might care because we share a common interest.  Here are some things that will […]

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