Del Rosamond’s Photos

I would have to go through my notes to see just when I met Del Rosamond.  It was in ’96 or ’97, I think.  I called him up out of the blue from the Champlain Trail Museum, where I had been doing research, and they had given me his name.  “Sure, come on over,” he […]

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Roundhouse arches

Information is a curse and a blessing.  On the one hand, having real prototype information makes our models that much richer.  On the other hand, once you have it, it cannot be ignored. In my case, Peter Newman shared a Del Rosamond photograph of the roundhouse after it had burned (unfortunately I don’t have permission to […]

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A week of redos

It was a heavy week at work – most nights until past midnight. So, I didn’t get much done on the roundhouse. Even so, I managed to get a little bit done in the fifteen minute snatches between times. As I mentioned last week, the original shingle roof for the shed didn’t allow for any […]

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Roundhouse shed designed

There was a small shed on the east side of the roundhouse. In later years, according to Del Rosamond, it contained ice. It doesn’t actually appear on the 1908 B&B listing, but then, the roundhouse is barely described in that book. So, I’ve decided to include it. Based on a sketchy distant half-view and a […]

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The right time to find a mistake

In software development, we call the prevention of defects earlier in the process “shift left testing.”   The idea is that if you can find a bug earlier in the development process, it is less expensive to fix it. Tonight I was just about ready to go and upload my roundhouse side walls to the Cricut […]

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Roundhouse Sheathing

I’m starting to think about modelling the roundhouse, with a view to taking it to the PNR regional meet in Salmon Arm in a month and a half (!). From Del Rosamond’s notes, we know that it had “Colonial Siding,” which was apparently similar to clapboard siding, but with full-thickness boards.  Clapboards are tapered. Now […]

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Field Trip to Pembroke

Yesterday, I made the trip from Ottawa up to Pembroke to capture some measurements I didn’t get the last time I was there. The whole family (including my sister and her daughters) came for a trip to the Bonnechere Caves, which was a pretty cool cave system, guided by a theatrical and informative local boy, […]

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