Model Railroad Planning 2022: All in the Family Room

Model Railroad Planning 2022 is finally at McNews on Lonsdale, and with it, buried near the back cover, my little article about Pembroke. You should really pick up a copy if you haven’t already. There are several thought-provoking articles that could help you see the hobby in a new way.

And then there is mine. The most interesting aspect of my article is the conclusion. I didn’t set out to write an article to extol the virtues of sharing layout space with the family. In fact, that wasn’t even in the outline I pitched to the editors.

It happened when I was trying to conclude the article, something that always challenges me. I’m always tempted to start the last paragraph with “and there you have it…”

However, in reflecting on the subterranean life I live between working at home and working on the layout, I found I’m really happy. Indeed, I’m happiest when a kid or my darling wife are here in the room with me, even if their activities are not the same as mine.

I wish I could claim that I had taken stock of my skills and desires when scoping the layout and strategically decided to situate a small layout in the family room, as Lance Mindheim suggests in his article. However, it was just dumb luck that we didn’t buy a big basement to fill with trains. Pembroke is the perfect size for me, and it fits nicely into our life. For that I count myself lucky.


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