Axle Jig

Percy helped me determine that a keyed connection between axle and wheel works best for me. I don’t have a milling machine, and so a jig is the only way to make the slots in the axles reasonably precise.

My thoughtful wife bought me a four-jaw chuck for the lathe for my birthday, and it made quick work of a 3 mm hole through the inch-long piece of steel. I then drilled and tapped for two 8-32 grub screws that will hold the axle steady in the long hole.

Then as carefully as I could, which, after the precision of turning, felt like riding a hippo down the light bulb aisle at Rona, I made slots on each end. These slots will guide the saw when I cut the axle ends. Now that I have a photo, the slots are supposed to be perpendicular to the grub screws to make it easier to mount the jig in the vice.

Of course, there is no way those slots are perfectly centered on the axle holes or parallel to one another. Fortunately, they only need to result in identical slots in the two axles. The right end is coloured red to orient the two axles.


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