Driver tyres for 1120

Between family trips, sunshine and business I’ve struggled to get much going on the railroad for at least a month. However, a pleasant evening with the lathe has produced five quite precise rings. These will be the tyres for 1120, which will be the new name for Next Victim. Progress promises to be slow due to a fall full of commitments.


4 thoughts on “Driver tyres for 1120

  1. Rene::

    Nice work.

    Did you create a form tool for turning the tires?
    I assume the profile aligns with P:87 standards.


  2. You can make a circular form tool out of tool steel to whatever shape you want. Because you need a front clearance on the tool some trig is needed to establish the tool shape relative to what the finished item should look like. The cutting edge in the linked photos is dropped below the diameters centerline to get a 7 or 8 degree clearance. You’ll need to work out how much closer the male diameters have to be to one another than they are on the finished wheel.

    First a male form is made, hardened and tempered and then a female is cut with that tool. Once h&t and polished the female can be used to make wheels. I gash my female cutters after turning just because I find it easier. I have been taught to gash first then turn to limit the amount of edge break where the burr eventually ends up but in this case it’s six of one…

    For larger or non critical features you can skip the M/f stuff and just make the female form. You’re limited speedwise but otherwise the form tools are durable enough for model making.

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