Mock backdrop enlivens the pasture

There is nothing quite like a coloured backdrop to bring a scene to life, even if it is tossed together in a hurry.

I taped together a few pieces of Bristol board The Girl had left over from one of her projects. Then using a grid to keep proportions somewhat accurate, I quickly sketched the pasture and coloured it with soft pastels. Some rough work with scissors and a staple gun against the edge of the half-inch plywood base I put together earlier in the week yielded a temporary backdrop.

The 30 minutes of crafting paid off as I found I had to lower the scene slightly. Although the background buildings are the same size as the mockups I made a year ago, they don’t have the same visual impact as they did as three-dimensional models.

Overall, I’m pleased with the way the scene plays on the layout. The two fences make leading lines that mimic those in the clouds, and pull the eye down and to the left, toward the cattle pen behind the roundhouse.

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