Bring in the next victim

Despite my success with Percy, I still don’t feel ready to tackle 622 and 10 again. So, I procured a Bachmann Spectrum “modern” 4-4-0. I’d always wondered what made this a “modern” engine, and it wasn’t until I was checking if it fit on Pembroke’s turntable that I noticed.

Almost all eight-wheelers kept their fireboxes between the frames within the rectangle bordered by the driving axles. This allowed a deep firebox, but limited the grate area. The Bachmann engine has a larger grate area above the frame. Not constrained by the rear axle, the firebox cantilevers out like the bouncy seats on a school bus. The front of the cab, likewise, is far to the rear of the axle, where on a standard 4-4-0, it is well ahead of the axle. In short, the proportions of this engine are unlike anything on the Canada Atlantic and indeed unlike about 99% of all 4-4-0s.

Fortunately, the Grand Trunk did have a handful of similar engines. Far from modern, most were built by the Great Western (the Canadian one) in the 1880’s and acquired along with the rest of that line. As with Percy, my intention is not to make a replica of a Grand Trunk engine, but merely to make something that runs and that can get me out of a bind if one of my Canada Atlantic engines fails.

With it’s school bus rear end, the Bachmann engine barely fits on the turntable. Centering it so it can turn will take a delicate touch.

2 thoughts on “Bring in the next victim

  1. I’ve always been interested in the predecessors of the Grand Trunk. You probably have this but I have a copy of Bulletin 147 of the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society which is all time roster of Grand Trunk and its predecessor’s and subsidiary’s locomotives. It’s a monster file, 82 MG, but if you’re so interested we could figure out a way to transfer it.

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