The Railway Modellers come to Pembroke

The Railway Modellers’ Meet was one of the first to meets to forge ahead in a virtual format amongst all the cancellations of 2020, and I dare say we have virtual meets increasingly dialed in. The virtual format suits the British Columbian geography. Sparsely perched on the far edge of the continent, for many of us, the closest annual meet is a day-long drive or a disproportionately expensive flight away. Meanwhile, the virtual event enables us to feature speakers from across the continent.

Having said that, after two years of the pandemic, we’re all looking forward to renewing old friendships, seeing what each other have been up to and maybe learning a thing or two. So, even before the provincial health authority lifted restrictions, we were planning to return to an in-person event with a virtual prologue. Getting closer to the time, with our facility still unconfirmed, the virtual prologue became the only avenue for clinics, and the in-person meet has had to evolve.

The outcome will be interesting. Some of our meet activities like operating sessions and layout tours can only be enjoyed in person. We’re also bringing back the in-person display room and Meet the Modeller because seeing models in real life is, well, cool. To round out the day, we’ll be holding some un-conference-like activities, which I hope will offer opportunities to make new friends with similar interests, to learn first-hand, and to avoid whiplash incurred by falling asleep in a stuffy lecture hall.

In short, I believe this new hybrid meet will be better than a traditional model railroad offering. Registration is by donation, and you can sign up for the virtual segment, which runs on Thursday evenings throughout May or the in-person segment, which goes from May 27 through 28th. If you join the virtual segment, you might want to tune into my clinic, Reinventing Wheels: A Pembroke Update, on May 12th. If you come in person, Pembroke will be on the layout tour on Sunday the 28th!

Gosh, I’d better get busy!

5 thoughts on “The Railway Modellers come to Pembroke

  1. I’m stoked for the meet. The virtual clinics look great and I’m really looking forward to operating, the in person table top clinics and the layout tours. It really looks like a fun program all around.

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