Percy gets ready for the paint shop

I had the day off yesterday so I could take the kids for a VR game on their last day of March Break. The game itself only took a couple of hours including travel time, which left the rest of the day for play time for me! I spent it on good old-fashioned modelling. I […]

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3D printed handrail stanchions

Rarely my ideas work out on the first try. If it weren’t for a spare shell, due to cylinders that were too high, this one might not have. The spare shell allowed for practice before committing to the real shell. Handrail stanchions for #622 took a fair amount of lathe work to bore out and […]

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Percy’s new Body

I’m as surprised as anyone that the single-big-print approach worked for Percy’s body. It looks pretty darn nice considering how much work didn’t go into it. I’m especially impressed by the hand-holds beside the cab door and the handrail stanchions atop the tank. I had a few failures, which I blame on dirt I noticed […]

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To lock or not to lock

When it comes to turnout controls, one of the questions that has impeded progress is whether or not they should be locked. There were really two questions at play: are switches in yards locked, and if so, when did the practice start? Secretly, I was hoping that like headlights in daytime, this was one of […]

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Percy and the Broken Promise

When I started this project, the great thing about Percy was that I could work on the engine without being tempted to turn it into a Canada Atlantic prototype. Well, now that I have a working engine, it seems a shame not to put it to work! But, even I can’t imagine Percy banging Troublesome […]

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