Holding onto more Axles

Continuing the “science” from last week, I’ve now seen how CA affects the performance of both a press-fit, and a keyed fit when the CA is applied before pressing the axle into the wheel. Because it would be great to be able to fine tune the quartering after assembly, I also picked up some Locktite 290, which is designed to wick into an assembled joint.

Failure weights (g)Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3AverageComparisonImprovement
Interference + CA554287460434223.590%
Key + CA470650557559358.560%
Locktite 29021438634131226320%

For comparison, I’ve copied similar strategies from the previous round of experiments. Compared to dry fit, CA improved the performance by 60-90%. Compared to CA fed by capillary action, Locktite 290 improved the performance of a straight interference fit by about 20%.

3 thoughts on “Holding onto more Axles

  1. The axle is steel, right? At least some formulations of loctite require the presence of Steel (or iron, i assume) on one (or both) of the parts to do their thing. I’m not sure if that’s true of 290.

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