Breaking Inertia

Ever since the birth of The Girl, the month of November has been swamped with domestic activity. I’ve kept a journal since The Boy was born (something I recommend to every parent, by the way), but when The Girl joined our family, I started transcribing my journal into a photo book, which I print using Blurb‘s Black Friday sale. The composition of this annual tome consumes every shred of spare time for the weeks between her birthday and American Thanksgiving.

Railway modelling ceases for about a month, and the old hesitations creep back in. “I’m too tired to do anything today.” “I don’t know where to start.” “I’m burned out on that project anyway.” “I don’t have the bits I need to hand.” “That couch looks awfully comfortable.” I’m sure you have your own.

The hardest part of creating anything is the first few minutes. Once you actually sit down at the modelling desk, once you roll up your sleeves, you break inertia and suddenly you’re away to the races. So, today, after a month’s hiatus, I measured the kerf of my jeweller’s saw (.011″), and that of my razor saw (.012″), breaking inertia.

Stand back! We’re back in action!

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