Percy’s new rods

Percy received a new set of connecting rods to match his new split frame. For those keeping score, this is Percy’s third set of connecting rods.

I decided to try out the new style of crank pin to see how it behaved and how easy or difficult it is to manufacture.

Over all, this pattern is much easier to make than the one on 622; for starters, there is no need to drill the centre out of a 1mm shaft; secondly all the lathe work can be finished in a single operation. Also there is no risky epoxy to fix the nut in place. Finally, there are no delicate M0.6 screws to find. If the rods and wedges were etched, the whole setup would be a doddle.

It is all but impossible to assemble the rods wedges and drive wheels in situ as I would with a threaded crank pin. Instead, the axles need to be dropped into their pedestals with the rods already attached.

In operation, the new rods worked smoothly from the start. However, the wedges do have a tendency to wiggle free if their ends are not bent over. One of them wiggled right out, and appears to have winked out of existence completely.

Overall, the idea bears further exploration.

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