A bad night of modelling

Some nights you’d really be better off to just plunk yourself in front of Netflix with a glass of something you can’t pronounce without channeling your inner Highlander1.

After a week of meetings and work, all I wanted was to make some progress against the next flight of experiments. These require investment in a new frame and connecting rods for Percy. So I roughed out four pieces of nickel silver and a couple of chunks of brass, and soldered them all together in a big smoking-hot stack in the hopes of drilling a couple of holes through the lot.

From then on, it seemed like every tool I reached for was dull. The drill bit seized and broke in the first hole, and I spent an infuriating hour digging it out. The result of all that prying was a hole that was not only in the wrong place, but not even remotely round either.

No matter: I had enough material that after shifting the pattern slightly I could still get the parts I needed, and I had another drill bit. So, I drilled those first two holes, and then pulled the connecting rod material off before drilling some more holes in the brass. These 3/32″ holes will engage with pins in a printed frame core, and are key to what I hope will be a series of accurate, but quick frames.

Well, if the broken drill bit was dull, this one was downright blunt. So much heat built up in the course of drilling that the solder melted and the two sides delaminated by the time I’d bored the last hole.

Undaunted, I pressed forward to cut the shape in one side, figuring I could always copy it to the second side. I was all but finished tracing the part with the jeweler’s saw, when something made me stop and compare it to Percy’s original frame.

It was 3 mm too short! Okay, I can take a hint, and this one was telling me it was time to retire for the night.

When I awoke in the morning to have a look at OnShape to see where I had introduced the error, I found that my laptop had updated itself in the night, and the browser could no longer find WebGL! It was too early to fire up Netflix or my inner Highlander, but never fear: I’m sufficiently stubborn to eventually figure it out.

The new frame side is about 3 mm too short!

1 I read once that single malt scotch whiskey was relaunched into fashion by the movie, Highlander. I can’t find any confirmation while writing this note, however.

5 thoughts on “A bad night of modelling

  1. I know the feeling. I spent all day wiring LEDs into a loco. First attempt the wires were too long, so I cut all the wires and started again. Second attempt and one of my ground lights doesn’t work. I backed up as far as I could to test that light and it’s not working anymore. I think I’m going to give up for the night and try again in the morning.

  2. I screwed up a decaling job last night… Forgot to lay down Mircoset before applying decals. Then promptly hit both sides of the model with gloss coat when side “B” decals hadn’t set long enough. Side “A” came out okay except for some silvering.

    So misery loves company right?

    I’m a Lagavulin type myself. 😉

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