Standing desk and step installed

Eleven months in gestation, the standing desk is finally installed. This project started with a doodle during the Daylight Savings Time switch last year. Within a day, Ken Rutherford had asked if it would be finished by Christmas. It is, just the following year.

The whole thing is what I would call “door construction.” Two sheets of 1/4″ maple plywood are separated by ripped studs, yielding 2-inch-thick members. It looks pretty good, but it was much more work than simple box construction with face frames. The worst part is the 1/4″ maple plywood looks nice until you stain it: the maple veneer is so thin it doesn’t suck up much stain. I’ll not take this approach again.

The 15″ step incorporates some of the boards left over from when our floor was replaced due to flooding in 2018. I hope this will signal to operators that it is meant as a step so they can easily operate the staging yard. The extra elevation brings the staging yard to a very accessible 48″.

5 thoughts on “Standing desk and step installed

  1. Test and find out :). We use it less than we probably should. I had to strip some bars a couple of times to follow the customer’s evolving taste. They had curved sections with thin ply in places and the grain held up despite the abuse in part because of naturalizer. For instances as dark as what you have there are other things you can do to equalize the absorption at the sanding stage but you need to have either a feel for it or test alongside to know what is causing what. Poor man’s way is to open it up slightly with larger grit.

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