Decals for 622

After all that experimentation with Cricut masks, I decided to press forward with decals for 622. They were included on the same decal sheet as the flat car decals from Precision Design, and went on beautifully. I was glad I’d included an extra copy of the decal for the tender rear because I did indeed spoil one due to the steps. The left side of the tender also has a small amount of roughness, perhaps from insufficient gloss-coat (?); it looks worse with the reflected light for photography, and so, I’m hoping the Dullcoat will improve it.

There is nothing quite like lettering to make a model start to look real!

2 thoughts on “Decals for 622

  1. Looking good René. For me, decals are a turning point where the model begins to take on its personality and come to life. Question: are the numbers integral with the lining as one large decal for the sides of the tender and cab? Thanks.

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