Sprinting to not finish

The Railway Modellers’ Meet starts with Iain Rice’s keynote this Saturday, and I’m going to have to declare the flatcars ready for display if I hope to get the locomotive into the display as well. It’s been a bit of a push even to get them this far. Every evening I think I’m going to be finished, and notice something else that needs to be done. Honestly, this is typical for me: I don’t think I’ve ever displayed a model when the paint was fully cured, and usually it needs to come back to the shop after display to get finished. However, deadlines help to make things happen, and if it weren’t for the Railway Modellers’ Meet, construction of these cars would probably continue to drag on for another four years.

While many meets have a display or a contest, Meet the Modeller is a somewhat unique aspect of the Railway Modellers’ Meet. This series of events is a great way to participate in our virtual meet – simply snap a few photos of whatever you’ve been working on and be prepared to talk about it for a few minutes. While it’s not the same as hanging out in the display room at an in-person meet, you’ll be surprised by the connections you make.

It’s not too late to register (by donation and open to everyone), and Rob Kirkham says he will accept entries for the display until around the 20th of May. If you submit your entry before the 6th, you’ll be entered in a draw for a Miniprints gift certificate on the 13th.

2 thoughts on “Sprinting to not finish

  1. LOL, you’ll get there! Looking forward to seeing your work on display. Yes, we’ll accept photos sent in up to May 20th, but it will be much better if model photos are sent in early. That will help us avoid cramming too many into the last night and give everyone a better experience. And hey – that Miniprints https://miniprints.ca gift certificate is what my kids would call a banger (I think – need a dictionary some days).

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