Let the sunshine in

Ever since trying out my office puck lights above the layout, I’ve been on the lookout for a suitable product for the layout itself. The ultra-slim LED lights from Globe have been calling to me from their shelf at Rona for a couple of months, and this weekend I finally caved in and picked one up.

At 540 lumens, this light is more than four times as powerful as the 120 lumen under-cabinet pucks in my office. With the inverse square law, that means I can mount one at the same level as the LED strips, and it is the same nice sharp light as the puck gave at 1/2 the distance.

After testing it out, of course I took it apart to see if it can be modified. Interestingly, the LEDs are arranged in a ring pointing toward the centre of the light. A thick refraction grating captures the light from the ring and through the wonder of optics sends it out the bottom of the fixture. The result is that, other than the clips and the bezel, the light would be difficult to modify.

Globe make a swivel version of the same light, but it is 1.5 inches deep instead of a half inch. I can easily print some clips to hold the thinner fixture at the angle I want. So, I will forego the deeper housing.

Each light is powered by a separate 42V power supply, and I’d rather not mount those on the ceiling. The plan, therefore, will be to enclose them all in a single large junction box, and run the 42V wires across the layout ceiling to each light.

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