I’ve never been happy with the wash of lights on the backdrop. Not only is the effect terminally subtle for sunrise and sunset, but when turned to bright daylight white, the colour is much too blue, especially when photographed. A short while ago, I found out that light strips are available in Red-Green-Blue and White. The 5050 RGB LEDs alternate with White 5050 LEDs. So, while sunrise and sunset may become even more subtle, daylight might be the right colour.

A short while later, a padded envelope arrived with the whole kit. I stowed it in the Drawer of Requirement until it had properly aged, and finally while I was procrastinating on something else, I pulled it out to see how it behaved.

True to the advertised, the pure white is significantly brighter and whiter than the mixed white from the RGB LEDs. So, the procrastination continues and I have now completely pulled out all the scenery so I can extract the old lights out and install the new.

RGBW lights wash the sky on the left of the building, and RGB on the right.

2 thoughts on “RGBW

  1. Thats a new (to me) product. Thanks for flagging it! Have you previously written more on the design and goals for your backdrops? I am curious about a few things: 1) why the LEDs are bottom mounted and shining up (versus top down, or both)? 2) Why in front of the backdrop (versus lighting behind and using a translucent material for the backdrop)? Not suggesting any of these are more workable or better . . . just a topic I still want to explore.

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