Strange paint effect

The parts for 622 received a coat of old Polly Scale steam power black, and despite the love-hate relationship I maintain with my old Pasche, it went mostly okay. The one part that came out strangely is the tender tank. This turned out with something akin to a salt stain. My best guess is it was residue from the decal setting solution I used with the rivets.

It was barely visible, and maybe I would have gotten away with it on the layout. However, maybe I wouldn’t have too. Ultimately, I decided to partially strip the tank and redo it.

The stain didn’t show up in photographs without overexposure.

4 thoughts on “Strange paint effect

  1. I’m assuming you primed over the decal rivets?

    I’m wondering if a gloss or flat coat before the black is applied would eliminate this strange staining.


    1. Rene,
      I’ve only got limited experience using the Archer raised decals so my advice might not be worth much.

      When I applied my raised weld decals, I never sealed them with a traditional “flat” coat. I simply painted over them. I made the mistake of not priming over the weld decals which probably wouldn’t have been an issue until I started weathering and in the process of washes it removed the tiny top coat of paint.

      Next time, I’m planning the following order.
      Primer, gloss whole model, raised decals, light primer to kill gloss and “seal” decals, then paint

      I’m hoping that would work and solve your problem as well?

      1. Thanks Craig. I may try that next time. I think I’m out of the woods with the tender now. Locomotives were cleaned daily in my day, and so, it will only get a light coat of weathering anyway.

  2. No, I thought I would get away without another coat of primer as on my previous experiences with the product. There are actually two layers of black here, so a gloss or flat coat wouldn’t have had a different effect.

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