Daylight Savings hour sketching

Coinciding as it did with Hallowe’en this year, I almost didn’t get any extra modelling done for daylight savings hour. But then, I was awoken by an incident on one of the servers at work right at the moment that clocks went back, or at least most of the clocks went back. So, while waiting for time to catch up with the future, I had an hour to play.

Speaking of work, this whole work from home business has been a pain in the backside. Literally. When in the office, I’m up and down and using whiteboards, and going to meetings all day long. Nowadays, with back-to-back meetings on Zoom and Miro, I can go hours without standing at all. A couple of weeks ago, this resulted in me throwing out my back for the first time in years for no reason whatsoever. I’ve decided I need a standing desk.

In the interim, I’m using a pile of cardboard boxes, but I’ve long been planning some shelves for photo albums and other items in front of the staging yard. I used the Daylight Savings hour to sketch a design in OnShape.

The room is small, and everything from desk surfaces to the futon does double-duty here. So, the shelves incorporate a step so operators can more easily access the staging yard ladder and crossover. The top of the shelves folds down to provide the desk surface, and, if it can be made strong enough, it will also serve as a window seat.

2 thoughts on “Daylight Savings hour sketching

  1. I find just riding a bike helps a lot but a stand up desk is a good idea too. I built one last year after spending some time with my computer set on boxes. It also has a lower level for me to sit at. When I stand at the desk I usually keep one leg elevated on a box or small stool. We do this at work when we’re running the table saw from morning till night and it keeps me from going numb.

    1. Nice. I imagine you’re spending a little less time at the desk than I do, however! The elevated leg is like a bar rail, and I foresee using the step this way too, although it may be too high. Time will tell.

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