Evicting the anchor tenants

What’s on my workbench? Absolutely nothing for the first time in months! I finally banished those items that had been harbouring the mess. The pieces for 622 have been taped to some foamcore in preparation for painting, while the left-over etches have found a new home in the drawer with other model projects.

The big news is the soldering irons, for which I built a custom drawer beneath the desk. While I’ve been calling it a drawer, it’s more like a very deep keyboard tray because it has no front or back. It slides out when I’m soldering and I can push it back out of the way, when I’m not soldering. Being under the desk, the soldering iron chords drape over the front of the desk, rather than coming from the back wall and dragging across my workspace.

The soldering drawer contains specific slots for my two soldering irons and my resistance soldering unit. The ground plate, which I like to leave connected to the RSU also has a permanent home on the soldering drawer. Not only that, but the RSU is elevated to make a space beneath to house its tweezers and the live probe.

Apart from the drawer slides, the whole unit was made from scraps I found in the garage. I can hardly wait for the next soldering project to try it out.

2 thoughts on “Evicting the anchor tenants

  1. That new drawer sounds fantastic. I hate how soldering iron cords seem perpetually to be in the way. Having these stored in their dedicated space seems like a fantastic step in the direction of a work-ready work space.


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