A bell for 622

As a guy who at one time would have talked to a girl rather than solder two wires together, I’m pretty proud of these seven shards of brass and nickel silver that I soldered together to make a bell. Even if it isn’t quite perfectly symmetrical.

2 thoughts on “A bell for 622

  1. Would like to hear something about the design and methods used Rene. The final product is very nice and implies a host of techniques.

    1. Pretty simple, really, Rob. I formed the top and bottom of the hanger and soldered them to a rod to represent the pivots with high-temperature solder. Then I filed the middle out of the pivot rod. The stand and bell were turned on the lathe and filed to make reliefs for the top and bottom of the hanger, respectively. Then I soldered them to the hanger with regular solder, basically holding the assembly by hand. Finally, I shaped the arm out of a piece of strip, and soldered it to the rest while it was still connected. Again, all by hand. Seriously, it was more art than science.

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