Steam dome details for 622

I continue to peck away at the details for 622. Once I figured out how to drill tiny holes again, my lathe made quick work of the whistle and safety valves. The latter sit on a removable brass plate, which fits into a hole in the top of the steam dome casing. This removable subassembly will enable me to paint the plate, while leaving the valves themselves in brass.

A cruel close-up! That’s a dime for scale in the lower left corner of the view.

2 thoughts on “Steam dome details for 622

  1. That’s one of those posts that makes me want to know more. Very nice work, and the undisclosed “how to drill tiny holes”, LOL! So is that whistle hollow inside too?!

    1. Cheers Rob. No, the whistle is not hollow, but it did need a #77 hole in its base too.

      The hole problem turned out to be an issue with my lathe’s tailstock being out of vertical alignment with the headstock. I shimmed it .002″ and seem to be able to drill repeatably now (even with a broken bit).

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