Happy Father’s Day to Me!

For years I told people I would rather use Shapeways than get my own 3D printer. The technology was changing too rapidly, and I didn’t want the resin in my home.

However, the newer resin printers are producing such excellent results, and the cost of shipping from Shapeways is getting so userous, that I finally broke down and ordered one. Twice I tried to get one of the early release Elegoo Saturns, but was not fast enough on the order button. So Mars it is. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to Me!

  1. Congrats. Make sure you use full PPE. Most of the total workflow is in post processing. I’d get a beaker stirrer and a couple of properly sized containers to suspend the build plate in. Look at how Prusa and dental printer cleaning stations work. You can line a little bucket with 405nM LEDs and place the uncured parts on a solar turntable.

    The Mars has better resolution and that’s what would drive my purchase over the newer Saturn. Construction is poor but you can replace almost anything that will break and they are pretty simple machines. PS the resin warps -be prepared.


  2. Hi Rene, Thank you for sharing this interesting post –
    Not knowing much about 3D printing: I was wondering about the issue is about storing Resin
    ” and I didn’t want the resin in my home”
    I hope your new machine works well for you ! Best wishes.

    1. Well, it’s like so many other chemicals we use. It’s not so much the storage – just seal it up tight. It’s the disposal. You can’t pour contaminated alcohol or water down the drain, and you’re always left with little bits left over.

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