i hijacked this wordpress account

Hello im Renes ,daughter coming at ya !!

So it seems that these photos are of my dad,s model train. I think the silver thing is a coin and the tube welll ummm yup i have no idea . Moving on!

In conclusion , the shark is still sad , and i still have no idea what most of these photos are . THank you for reading and ill see you next time or maybe not who knows (: ANNDDDD POSST

6 thoughts on “i hijacked this wordpress account

  1. Thanks for showing we all involve our kids in our modeling. My oldest (6) has started to learn how to airbrush after watching Dad paint and weather models.

    Does this count as language arts school work? 😉 As a history teacher all she needs to do is add a sentence about the boring history of Dad’s trains and she will get ELA and history class covered.

  2. My youngest (ok, not so young any more) is airbrushing basketball shoes and reselling them! Now there’s a good idea…!

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