Paint and glue cupboard

For some reason, paint and glue does not want to sit in a drawer. It wants to migrate to the workbench and stay there. Maybe that’s because I can’t see the sides to identify the bottle when I pull open the drawer. Regardless of the reason, I had a little collection of fluxes, glues and a paint that refused to get put away each time I cleared the workbench.

So, I took a little break from locomotive construction to dig some scraps out of the garage. I found some birch-veneer plywood, a 5-piece maple door (which I bought unused at Re-Store for $5 according to the price tag), some cup hinges which I hadn’t used yet, and a knob left over from our $40 kitchen reno. These went into a little 15×20″x5″ cabinet, which I installed above the workbench for easy access. Compared to the bottles, it’s quite deep, but this gives flexibility to add a second row with risers, I think. Not a bad investment, and the pile of scraps in the garage is further diminished!

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